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"I Gotta Get a Bigger Luggage Cart…" Back from Glens Falls, NY 22•March•10

Packing up my gear at 12:30AM including the Apple 12″ PowerBook, (4) head DynaLite arena strobe kit, (4) digital cameras, lenses, remote mounting hardware, tools, heavy duty extension cords, and Pocket-Wizard kits after four NYSPHSAA Tournament games in the Glens Falls Civic Center on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON Yea that’s it, a […]

*"It’s Gotten Ugly Up Here…" 19 – 20•March•10

Jake Palmer (#33, left) of John A. Coleman Catholic walks off the court as Maple Grove players celebrate their NYSPHSAA Class D Finals Championship win at the Glens Falls Civic Center on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Maple Grove defeated Coleman 43 – 38. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON Writing live from courtside along press row here at […]

HS Basketball Sectional Championships & NY State Tournament games. March 2010.

aka “March Madness…” Before I could even turn around and catch my breath after last weekend’s work, which began Friday night in helping out a colleague retrieve strobes from a local college gym after his two games, I found myself right in the middle of the craziness at this level of HS playoff basketball competition. […]

HS Basketball Sectional Championships. aka "March Madness…"

Did somebody ask if I wanted to work through this weekend…? This is perhaps my favorite time of year for work, particulary covering sports. It is (finally) the beginning of the high school sectional championship games here in our area. Besides covering marquee events like graduation at West Point, the annual Army – Navy football […]

*The making of a meaningful (sports) portrait. Feb. 2010

Eric Culver of New Paltz High School photographed in the pool at SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, NY on Friday, February 19, 2010. Culver is an Olympic hopeful, qualifying for the 2012 U.S. Olympic trials. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON_____________________________________________________ *Sometimes you hit a home run. With the bases loaded, in the bottom of the ninth […]

"Hoops du Jour 2009-2010"

Welcome to the beginning of the 2009 – 2010 High School (and college) basketball season. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get back into the local gyms in our coverage area for games and practices. Well, maybe some of them. Others are just plain nightmares and challenges to work in for photographers. Probably […]

HS Football Championship – The Road to Syracuse. (starts now…) 7•Nov.•09

It sometimes starts a week earlier for me. The continual over-thinking on how I’d cover a game like this past Saturday’s Section 9 Class AA Championship matchup between undefeated Monroe-Woodbury and Warwick High Schools. It was a repeat of their game a few weeks ago at Monroe-Woodbury HS, when both teams were 6-0. This time […]

10-minute "Quick & Dirty" one light portraits – on location. Aug • 2009

Mary Phillips photographed on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in Highland, NY on Thursday, August 13, 2009. Phillips is known as the trailkeeper of the picturesque 2.5 mile paved path. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON Yesterday I was faced with cloudy skies most of the day for another outdoor feature assignment for our “Go” section, which appears […]

2009 West Point Graduation *(by the numbers…) 23•May•09

Graduating cadets toss their covers skyward during the United States Military Academy 2009 Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony at Michie Stadium in West Point, NY on Saturday, May 23, 2009. 970 cadets received their diplomas and were commissioned as 2nd. Lieutenants in the U.S. Army. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON This past Saturday was my third West Point […]

"Takes Your Breath Away…" 15•May•09

“Up, Up, and Away…” Oh this was sweet! I still cannot muster the words for the hour or so I spent aloft with balloonist Chris Healey for a story last evening. Takeoff (or should I say liftoff) was perfect. Touchdown / landing was like a dream – even in the middle of the street in […]

"Heartbreak in Glens Falls, NY." 03•29•09

The Newburgh Free Academy boys basketball team almost did it tonight. Took Rice HS of NYC into overtime, and lost by two. This team really, really showed a lot of heart and pure guts. It was a pleasure to photograph a lot of their games this season, and be around kids who to the man […]

"STATE CHAMPIONS…!!!" NFA defeats Niagara Falls HS 62 – 42 in Glens Falls, NY.

*Is this what they mean by MARCH MADNESS…??? Well, It’s taken a little longer than expected to recover from my coverage of NFA’s semifinal game on Saturday and championship game on Sunday up in Glens Falls, NY. When I say recover – I mean just that. Physically, mentally and even for a few moments, emotionally. […]

Newburgh’s Last Second Win over Mt. Vernon. 03•13•09

My paper put together a piece for the web where sportswriter Kevin Gleason and I talk about covering Newburgh Free Academy’s State Quarterfinal upset on Will Bouton’s dramatic last second three-point shot beyond half court, to defeat Mt. Vernon 71 – 70 last week. “I Love This Game…!” -cg.

MARCH MADNESS! – Part V – *"Let’s Go to the Videotape…!"

As longtime NY sportscaster Warner Wolff would say, “Let’s go to the videotape…!” After a much needed full day off yesterday, I’m finally getting around to harnessing my thoughts on Friday night’s State Quarterfinal games over in Westchester; including Will Bouton’s heroic heave that gave Newburgh Free Academy their one point win over longtime rival […]

MARCH MADNESS! – Part IV – (Game Winner, Buzzer-Beater, Hail-Mary, Holy S#?T…!!!, WOW…!!!)

It was some night…!!! I don’t think I’ve had this kind of excitement in shooting sports since the days when I regularly covered the Knicks, Yankees, etc. while on the pro sports beat earlier in my career. Both of our local teams I covered last night won and now they both advance to the NY […]

MARCH MADNESS! – Part III – (The Best Seat in the House…)

Tonight is T-H-E Game! Two of ’em in fact. The hottest ticket in town for HS playoff basketball anywhere in the area. For both Boys and Girls in their NY State Quarterfinal games over in Westchester at Pace University. The two best schools in our coverage area that I’ve been covering all season, Kingston HS […]

MARCH MADNESS! – Part II – (Winding down…)

“Go Early…” 9:15AM. Day #2. Arriving at SUNY New Paltz for the second full day of four Section 9 Championship basketball games in New Paltz, NY on Sunday, March 8, 2009. *I am still winding down from the weekend’s work, which actually all started Friday night after work to help a fellow staffer take down […]

MARCH MADNESS! – (High School Style) March 2009.

“AWESOME, BABY…!!!” I can almost hear famed ESPN sportscaster Dick Vitale doing promos and calling games during the NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Tournament. Well a different level of “March Madness” has begun here in the Hudson Valley for me this year. Beginning this week, I’ll be covering 10 HS basketball games, will probably help out another […]

Army – Air Force Football. Nov. 1, 2008.

“Oh Doctor…!” It doesn’t get much better than this on our end. Army vs. Air Force in a battle of the two military academies here at West Point yesterday. Beautiful crisp Fall day. Two remote cameras. A 12 noon kickoff time. Actually I treated this game as more like a prep for the upcoming annual […]

*It All Starts Here…

“Good morning, I’m Chet, and I’m a ‘Gear-Head…” OK, I’ll admit it. I don’t know if this all stems from my military background and a specialized attention to detail in maintaining your hardware & gear, but I realize that every piece of equipment I own, borrow or rent is instrumental in doing the job. Hauling […]

Harness racing. Day #2. July 5, 2008.

More from the quaint little harness track here in Goshen, NY on Saturday. It was nice to be able to return to the track for a second day of shooting (see: work) during their 5-day meet this week. There isn’t any betting at the track, so the crowds are pretty tame, but it is a […]

Harness Racing Remote. July 2008.

Managed to attach a remote camera rig this afternoon (rather quickly, I might add) to the starting gate for a view of the race horses approaching the starting car / starting gate during harness races, at a very intimate harness track here in our coverage area in Goshen, NY. There weren’t any large starting fields […]

"Location, Location, Location…"

David Boisture of Cornwall HS is the Times Herald-Record’s 2008 Baseball Player of the Year. He’s photographed at the school on Wednesday, June 25, 2008.*I’m real happy with these images of our paper’s baseball player of the year, photographed a few days ago, but it took much more than just showing up at the field […]

remote |riˈmōt| adjective ( -moter , -motest )

1 • (of an electronic device) operating or operated by means of radio or infrared signals. or remote control noun control of a machine or apparatus from a distance by means of signals transmitted from a radio or electronic device. *I cannot say enough about the use of remote cameras in this business and how […]