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"En Route to Haiti…" 24•Jan.•10

Operation Smile warehouse workers unload cargo from a tractor-trailer onto a waiting SWIFT AIR Boeing 737-400 charter aircraft at Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, VA on Sunday, January 24, 2010. An orthopedic surgical team and support personnel from Penn State are en route to Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake earlier this month. © Chet Gordon […]

*You Don’t See This Everyday… 15•Aug•09

Montgomery, NY. 15•August•09 7:55PM I spotted two hot-air balloons on my ride home last evening after an exhaustive day at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. I was there covering the early & midday festivities of the original Woodstock concert’s 40th. Anniversary celebration. What a pleasure it was to see these balloons drifting so aimlessly […]

"Down – Time…" Monday July 6, 2009.

What better way to clear my head a little after the working the tiring holiday summer weekend, than to head out to the airport and photograph aircraft…? Here’s the scene: A beautiful July afternoon, my two Nikon D-1X bodies & long glass, and after a quick trip to the grocery store, I settled in to […]

"Takes Your Breath Away…" 15•May•09

“Up, Up, and Away…” Oh this was sweet! I still cannot muster the words for the hour or so I spent aloft with balloonist Chris Healey for a story last evening. Takeoff (or should I say liftoff) was perfect. Touchdown / landing was like a dream – even in the middle of the street in […]