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“Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People”

“Through A Lens Darkly…”  (A colleague had this posted on his blog.) Here’s a trailer for the documentary, and a review of the film in Time and interview with director Thomas Allen Harris on Democracy Now!   *How did I miss this film? All I can say is “Wow…!”   ~cg.

“How to get yourself noticed as a professional photographer…”

Came across this piece by commercial photographer Karl Taylor. He hits a lot of ‘home runs’ in this video:

Recent Video Work:


In today’s multimedia work environment,  publications and clients operate on a 24-hour news cycle, each with their own blogs, websites, Twitter feeds & FaceBook pages that continually need images and video. Editors and potential clients need to see that a photojournalist can produce & edit video. Here’s a sampling of some of my video work […]

John Moore of Getty Images talks about working in Egypt, Bharain, and Libya the last 6 weeks.

*listen carefully at the 2:40 mark when he arrives in Bharain from Cairo, and proceeds through Immigration, only to have his cameras and computer equipment seized by Customs officials. He still manages to purchase camera gear (A Canon Rebel body & “cheap lens”) as well as a another laptop in a shopping mall to accomplish […]

"The Future of Photojournalism…"


Two icons in the world of PJ (David Burnett & Kenneth Jarecke) whose work I’ve admired throughout my career, share their thoughts on the future of “the craft…” (best if viewed in full screen). ~cg.

Happy Holidays from

This from one of my new vendors, in the Bay Area. ~cg. Earlier this year I’d rented a Canon 600mm f/4 (below) from them for my coverage of President Barack Obama at West Point’s graduation in May: Here’s my slideshow again with the first 16 images made with their rental 600mm:

Michael Kamber on Military Censorship

BagNewsSalon is pleased to offer this exclusive audio slideshow interview featuring Michael Kamber, and a focused look at the issue of military censorship, including the photos he’s insisted on being seen. Michael has been “working around the edges” of the Iraq War since 2003 as a photojournalist for The New York Times. Many of the […]

*(Another Photographer’s) Creativity….

Haven’t posted in a while & I apologize. I found this piece on the web a few weeks ago while researching other forms of stop-motion animation with a still camera. It’s a year or so old, but man is it something to watch…Make sure you view the second video on how this piece was produced. […]

"FIT TO PRINT" A documentary film.

FIT TO PRINT A DOCUMENTARY FILM ON THE U.S. NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY I believe this film is going to be released in the Fall. Probably worth a look at this documentary and where this industry is going… ~cg.

"Recapping My 2009…"

*”Oh No, Not another look at a photographer’s “Best of 2009″ post out here in cyberspace…!” Yea, I figured it was time to get around to sifting through my favorite 10, 20, uh, probably more like 40+ favorite images from the past year. Hey, It’s my blog, right…? After a bit of teeth-clenching, sleepless nights, […]

How Good Visual Design Can Save Newspapers

I just came across this video again on a photojournalism trade site I frequent. It’s from an art director’s / designer’s conference in Long Beach, California last February. For all you visual and creative types out there, as well as those who truly appreciate good work that is properly displayed, I still find this piece […]

Newburgh’s Last Second Win over Mt. Vernon. 03•13•09

My paper put together a piece for the web where sportswriter Kevin Gleason and I talk about covering Newburgh Free Academy’s State Quarterfinal upset on Will Bouton’s dramatic last second three-point shot beyond half court, to defeat Mt. Vernon 71 – 70 last week. “I Love This Game…!” -cg.