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“The Card…” (Delivered.) 25•Dec.•14

2014 Holiday Card1a

This year’s card has already been delivered to an extensive mailing list. One may already be in your mailbox! In keeping with a long standing tradition, I was able to photograph a scene right here in the neighborhood last Saturday morning while working on the cards. (I was actually way behind in the production of […]

“The Card…” December 2012

2012 Holiday Card

Due to production problems at “the factory”, my anticipated annual Holiday Card is unfortunately in digital / electronic format this year. This version (with the original image made with an Apple iPhone 4s in Abuja, Nigeria a few weeks ago) may have already arrived in your (in) mailbox on your computer, smart phone or mobile […]

"The Card…" 24•Dec.•11


This year’s version is in the mail. You may already be a recipient. “Happy Holidays!” ~cg. MOMBASA, KENYA. A sidewalk Santa spotted along Moi Avenue in Mombasa, Kenya on Thursday, December 8, 2011. © small tradition for me continues. Here are links to previous year’s efforts: (2010): This year’s card is en route to […]

"The Card. It’s Here…" 22 December 2010

This year’s card is en route to your doorstep, mailbox, desk, mail room or desktop. Special thanks to my very good friend and his family for having just “the right tree” on their property in Pottstown, PA two weeks ago. Wishing you all a very healthy, safe and prosperous 2011. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ~cg. (Inside message): […]

*The ‘CARD’ is in the mail… Dec • 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR…! It took a while this year. Yea, they’re probably arriving late to your doorstep, mail slot, or post office box. But hey, can’t break this longtime tradition of handmade, limited edition, 4″x5″ holiday cards right…? Folks even called wondering where this year’s version was. What has become an annual […]

"The Card. Happy Holidays…!" Christmas Day 2008.

For the past 12 years or so, I’ve been producing my own “Holiday series” cards. What initially started out as a few late nights slumped over developing trays in the darkroom at The Journal News in White Plains, NY in the mid-90’s. (Boy that all seems like eons ago…) has progressed into a full-blown work […]

*This year’s Holiday card is in the mail… *(whew…!)

This year’s card was no easy task. Kept looking for an image or moment I’ve had in mind for a few years and couldn’t find it yet again, so ventured quickly into NYC last weekend by train to roam one of my favorite neighborhoods to shoot something and produce the card this past week. I’ve […]