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*”It’s Been Some Week…” 1 – 8•Nov.•13


It’s been a week since I was laid-off unceremoniously with the three other staff photographers from our paper, the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, NY. Here’s what it looked like the next day, on Saturday afternoon, when we had to return to the office to remove our personal items, as there would be less people in […]

” – 30 – ” It’s Over. The End. 1•Nov.•13


My professional digital camera bodies and lenses stored in the trunk of the company vehicle in Greenwood Lake, NY on Friday, November 1, 2013. Layoffs came to four staff photographers (including myself) and three longtime newsroom editors today at the Times Herald-Record, a Gatehouse Media owned paper in Middletown, NY.   © Today was one […]

Found at Auction: The Unseen Photographs of a Legend that Never Was

An inspirational piece I wanted to share on this cloudy Sunday morning in May…  ~cg Picture this: quite possibly the most important street photographer of the 20th century was a 1950s children’s nanny who kept to herself and never showed a single one of her photographs to anyone. Decades later in 2007, a Chicago real […]

Two Photojournalists Killed in Libya Today. 20•April•11

Exultant Commander

For Tim and Chris. MISRATA, LIBYA (April 20, 2011) – Academy Award-nominated photojournalist Tim Hetherington, 40, and Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist Chris Hondros, 41, of Getty Images were killed today when they were hit during a mortar and grenade attack in Misrata, Libya. I’ve closely followed and greatly admired Hondros’ work for a few years; particularly […]

"The Future of Photojournalism…"


Two icons in the world of PJ (David Burnett & Kenneth Jarecke) whose work I’ve admired throughout my career, share their thoughts on the future of “the craft…” (best if viewed in full screen). ~cg.