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” – 30 – ” It’s Over. The End. 1•Nov.•13


My professional digital camera bodies and lenses stored in the trunk of the company vehicle in Greenwood Lake, NY on Friday, November 1, 2013. Layoffs came to four staff photographers (including myself) and three longtime newsroom editors today at the Times Herald-Record, a Gatehouse Media owned paper in Middletown, NY.   © Today was one […]

Chicago Sun-Times Wipes Out Entire Photo Staff. 30•May•13


This is another sad day in Journalism. Particularly Photojournalism. When a major metropolitan newspaper decimates it’s entire photography staff, including Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer John H. White the industry as we photographers know it is doomed.  ~cg.   *(Video interview here with former Chicago Sun-Times staff…) Here’s how tomorrow’s Chicago Sun-Times might very well […]

*My Photo in USA 19•Aug.•09

Don Hewitt, former 60 MINUTES Executive Producer photographed in his Manhattan office in December 1995. Hewitt passed away at age 86. (Chet Gordon / The Journal News) *A portrait I made back in 1995 or so of former 60 MINUTES Executive Producer Don Hewitt appears on the USA Today website. Hewitt’s career as a television […]