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*You Don’t See This Everyday… 15•Aug•09

Montgomery, NY. 15•August•09 7:55PM I spotted two hot-air balloons on my ride home last evening after an exhaustive day at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. I was there covering the early & midday festivities of the original Woodstock concert’s 40th. Anniversary celebration. What a pleasure it was to see these balloons drifting so aimlessly […]

"Takes Your Breath Away…" 15•May•09

“Up, Up, and Away…” Oh this was sweet! I still cannot muster the words for the hour or so I spent aloft with balloonist Chris Healey for a story last evening. Takeoff (or should I say liftoff) was perfect. Touchdown / landing was like a dream – even in the middle of the street in […]