HS Basketball Sectional Championships & NY State Tournament games. March 2010.

aka “March Madness…”

Before I could even turn around and catch my breath after last weekend’s work, which began Friday night in helping out a colleague retrieve strobes from a local college gym after his two games, I found myself right in the middle of the craziness at this level of HS playoff basketball competition. I must’ve photographed 7 or 8 games in 5 days at two different college gyms and had a part in two other games, as I’d installed strobes in the gym at 8AM last Sunday morning. I won’t even get into utilizing a remote camera mounted in the stands for a games this week too. (That’ll be a separate post to follow here later in the playoff rounds.) Let’s just look at some of my favorites from games this past week, beginning last Saturday thru Tuesday night. All the games where shot with arena strobes, which to me, the viewers, players, coaches & sports officials seem to really appreciate. That sure means a lot to me, and justifies all the extra preparation time in climbing ladders, reaching around dusty and dirty pipes and rafters in these gyms to run electrical extension cords, and the physicality itself in just hauling in all the gear and installing the hardware to support the strobes and remote camera(s)… It is all quietly getting me mentally prepared should one of our local teams make it to the State Semi-Finals and Finals again up in Glens Falls, NY in another week or two. Here’s my edited take of HS playoff basketball so far this week. Stay tuned for coverage of two state quarterfinals games at West Point on Saturday. Enjoy. ~cg.

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