*You Don’t See This Everyday… 15•Aug•09

Montgomery, NY. 15•August•09 7:55PM

I spotted two hot-air balloons on my ride home last evening after an exhaustive day at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. I was there covering the early & midday festivities of the original Woodstock concert’s 40th. Anniversary celebration. What a pleasure it was to see these balloons drifting so aimlessly to the earth at sunset, particularly after the day I’d put in up at the Woodstock celebration. I pulled over twice on the interstate to make a few frames of the balloons, and thought this image kind of worked, considering I was on the eastbound side of the highway, so the balloons at times seemed to hover over the vehicles heading west. It was a nice few moments standing along highway and tromping through the underbrush making images and reminding myself how exhilarating it all was when I’d actually accompanied pilot Chris Healey a few months ago on a feature story we did on him in flight: “Takes Your Breath Away.” Yea, these few images made the whole 16-hour workday worth it. -cg.

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