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iPhone Photography in the DRC for TIME.

There’s been quite a stir in the photojournalism world lately with the acceptance of images made on mobile devices, and subsequently published in major publications like Sports Illustrated, and Dan Chung‘s take on his iPhone 4s at the London Olympics in The Guardian of London. I’ve been watching the emergence of this imagery made by […]

“What a week for making pictures…” July 26 – 28, 2012.


A few favorites from the last week or so, including a horrific 5AM motor vehicle accident nearby on Saturday morning that killed two bothers…  ~cg. (2) – A man plays a flugelhorn while seated outside a restaurant in Newburgh, NY on Thursday, July 26, 2012.  © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS A Newburgh firefighter uses his […]

“The Device…” April 2012


Added an Apple iPhone 4s to the personal arsenal recently, as sort of an early birthday present to myself. This little handy device is already changing some of my ways of thinking along the lines of daily & even instantaneous communication ~ with the usual features like IM, email, iTunes, web & calendar access and […]

"You Just (literally) Made My Day…" 1•May•10

In the midst of another typical weekend workday of driving nearly 200 miles (188 door-to-door to be exact) I got quite a nice surprise when I stopped at one of my favorite eateries not far from the office. I’d already driven close to 100 miles in the morning to the first of three spread out […]