“The Device…” April 2012

Added an Apple iPhone 4s to the personal arsenal recently, as sort of an early birthday present to myself. This little handy device is already changing some of my ways of thinking along the lines of daily & even instantaneous communication ~ with the usual features like IM, email, iTunes, web & calendar access and a few other fun apps. One such app that is blowing me away is Instagram. Although it’s primarily a free site for users of mobile devices to post their photos (sort of like a FaceBook for photographers), quite a few pros are using the site to promote some of their best work to an even broader international audience. Being a longtime user of Apple products throughout my career, this addition was literally a no – brainer.

I’ll be writing more about it’s features and functionality as I incorporate into my everyday workflow. It has a pretty amazing 8MP camera too, which in itself is really something cool. And uh, yea, almost forgot – it’s a cellular telephone too…

Here’s a quick slideshow of what the iPhone and an app like Instagram can do. A few older portfolio images are in the beginning, included with newer images actually shot within the last week or so on the iPhone (the last three are with the iPhone.) All the images were processed in Instagram.  ~cg

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