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Recent Work. April – June, 2014.


The new job, and a few trips into New York. Here’s a brief look at what’s caught my attention the past 2 months or so…  ~cg.

*”Let’s Talk Food…” (Photography)


During a recent conversation with a colleague, the subject of food photography, tabletop and other small location lighting situations came up. I thought immediately of the need to highlight some of my food work here, as well as adding a gallery over on the new website: Food. Here are a few favorites.  ~cg.

Chef Carlos Olivares w/ his New Orleans Roasted Duck. Newburgh, NY. 5•March•10

Chef Carlos Olivares prepares his New Orleans roasted duck with cranberry and orange glaze, baby Yukon gold potatoes, Julienne zucchini and carrots, at The Big Easy Bistro at 40 Front Street in the City of Newburgh, NY on Friday, March 5, 2010.  Times Her

Food Photography. *(for me, like riding a bicycle…) I cut my teeth in NYC years ago shooting big cameras on chrome with 4 x 5 cameras and even an occasional 8 x 10 Linhoff while assisting during tabletop food photography shoots in a commercial studio on lower Broadway in Manhattan. Then later in my career, […]