*(Still) “More Winners…” for March 2012.

One of the lead images from the overnight of March 7, 2012 earned me a first place in the NPPA’s (National Press Photographer’s Association) Monthly News Clip Contest for March. Amazing that I’m probably going to remember that date, as it’s the late night, and subsequent following two days’ coverage of the fatal shooting of a 22 yr. old man by city police here in my town. You can read the original post about the night by clicking HERE . I’ve posted the slideshow again below. If memory serves, the above image was made about 1:30AM, when the reporter and I arrived at the hospital to witness the victim’s relatives reacting after learning of their loved one’s death. We began working the scene together a few hours earlier, and well into the wee hours of the morning, and the following 2 days as well. Another one of those spot news moments / big neighborhood news stories I’ll recall in my career for a long, long time.  ~cg.

Here’s what the judges said of the winning image:

Judges’ comments for the category

1st: Compelling, emotional moment. Perfect spot news photograph that captures the reaction as opposed to the carnage. Photographer worked this situation very well.

2nd: Technically a superb image in which the photographer took a risk to view this from a different angle.

3rd. Quirky photo. The content of this image made it stand out among the rest.

Dave Ellis, Director of Photography Suzanne Carr Rossi, staff photographer Peter Cihelka, staff photographer Tom Rothenberg, freelance photographer


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