“Sometimes You Just Have To Get Wet…” July 2013

A young woman keeps cool in her backyard pool in Blooming Grove, NY on Thursday, July 18, 2013. Temperatures continued to reach into the mid-90’s, as a mid-summer heatwave lingers throughout the East Coast.   © CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record (2)

During last week’s heatwave that broiled the East Coast of the U.S., photographers at my newspaper (and I’m sure at countless others) were tasked yet again with supplying daily images depicting how people were “beating the heat…” So I wondered again how many times can we make the everyday images of beach goers, boaters, construction workers wiping their sweaty brow, and the standard go-to imagery of a digital message board’s thermometer? I knew I wanted to utilize the GoPro Hero3 camera again and try a full underwater take in a friend’s pool. Especially since I’d had a few successes with the camera at the Newburgh City Pool for their opening day a few weeks ago. Timing was sort of difficult between assignments, but I did manage to pull off a few useable images from our quick take last Thursday. Besides, what could be better than having the opportunity take a mid-afternoon swim when temperatures were pushing into the mid-high 90’s…? It also was important to have a pair swimming trunks and my dive mask (with corrective lenses) packed in the car…  ~ cg.

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