“Let’s Talk Army Football…” July / August 2013


Hey, It’s the middle of the summer already, so what better time to start thinking, talking, and actually going to the stadium & practice facility to begin yet another season (my 7th.) of covering Army Football…? Here’s a quick take on my last two days of work at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY as the Black Knights begin officially preparing for their 2013 season. Yesterday was their first practice at 7AM by the way. Seems like we just finished up our usual boatload of high school & college graduation coverage (including Army’s commissioning ceremony in this very stadium), the NY State HS Track & Field championships, and a few days of enduring the summer’s first heatwave, including a few underwater images made with the GoPro camera. It’ll be fun to get back into my routine of heading back to the ballpark on the upcoming crisp Fall Saturday mornings…  ~cg.


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