“Travel & Work…” New Orleans & Hattiesburg, MS • March 2015

I was recently in the Deep South, or where I’d prefer to call “The Bayou” to photograph a wedding for friends. One challenge of the event was that I made the round trip drive to New Orleans (NOLA) and southern Mississippi in less than a week. The foundation of my career has been built on travel and / or daily life imagery and returning to New Orleans (NOLA) again meant I’d have a welcomed opportunity to make a few personal images for my editorial agency, The Image Works. (I was in NOLA and the Gulf states 10 months or so after Hurricane Katrina back in 2006.) Whether it be the next county, a cross country assignment or some far flung international assignment, I really like those quiet and almost introspective moments where I get to just truly observe the everyday. Even if it means heading out into the pouring rain early on a Friday morning in the French Quarter of New Orleans to just roam and make pictures. And oh yea, there was a wedding to be photographed the following day up in Mississippi as well. I’ve included a few of my favorites from the trip in the slideshow here…  ~ cg.

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