*"This is Africa…" Mombasa, Kenya. (Day #1) 8•Dec•11

As if my fixer / assistant Vincent Opondo needed to remind me of it at lunch this afternoon on the beach here in Mombasa. One of my favorite places on the planet to make images, get some sun, swim, and just really relax all of my senses. It must be pushing the mid – high 90º’s here, with oppressive humidity, so I have to pinch myself in remembering the calendar date. (Sorry, fellow New Yorkers…!) I won’t get into the 8+ hour bus ride yesterday to get here from Nairobi though. At least not now. Nor am looking forward at all to the return journey tomorrow night that will get us back to the capital city around sunrise on Saturday morning. Stay tuned. “Cheers!” ~cg.

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