“Ten Years Ago – Today…” New York, NY. 14•Aug.•03

Hard to believe it’s been ten years on, since the NorthEast and parts of 11 states in total, if memory serves (as I’m not looking to search the web entirely for all the particulars just now) were crippled by a major blackout, caused by a tree falling onto power lines somewhere in Ohio. That damage alone caused a ripple effect at sub-stations and the like, and electricity was eliminated for literally a few million Americans. (OK, I’ll do a quick search here): Upwards of 50 million people lost power from Michigan to New England…

I wanted to share some of the imagery I made that late afternoon and into the early morning hours uptown here. I remember crossing 10th. Ave. on my to work at the NY Daily News, as I was probably on the desk that summer’s night. It’s almost as if I saw the traffic lights go out at the intersection of West 33rd. & 10th. Ave. I believe it was just after 4PM…  ~cg.

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