“Tè Tremblé…” Remembering the Earthquake in Haiti. 5 Years Ago ~ Today. 12•Jan.•10

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI. Interior of the collapsed National Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Saturday, January 30, 2010. Archbishop Serge Miot was killed when the 18th. century cathedral was destroyed in the massive 7.0 earthquake on January 12th., killing upwards of 300,000 people. © Chet Gordon / THE IMAGE WORKS

Today is the fifth anniversary of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. Upwards of 300,00 people were killed and thousands are still living in camps under miserable conditions. There is a very special place in my heart for Haiti and the Haitian people. My first self-assigned international shooting trip was to Haiti in 1993; just 5 years after beginning my newspaper career, and I’ve returned to the island nation two additional times. Haitian photographer Daniel Morel is a good friend, and I’ve known Daniel since that first trip in ’93. I will add a slideshow here highlighting my week’s work after the earthquake, where I was summoned with one day’s notice to accompany humanitarian client Operation Smile, as they sent a team of trauma surgeons to treat the injured. Note: (I’ve decided to re-edit the original hi-res files and use them in B/W here. The strength of the B/W imagery really makes the take have sort of a timeless feel to them…) Stay tuned. ~cg.

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