“On Being Hardcor(e)…” October 2012

Last week I had an assignment to photograph a local high school football player who’s first name is Hardcor. As in “Hardcore…” The young man, Hardcor Coleman is a senior linebacker and tight end at Newburgh Free Academy, known for his hard-nosed style of play, and bone crushing hits. Since the weather wasn’t too cooperative, and hadn’t been all week with heavy rain at times and mostly overcast, I realized I’d need to put a light on him to try and make a decent portrait or two that would sort of help reveal his personality. I also didn’t want to be relegated into making a portrait indoors in a locker or weight room. Most football portraits always seem to work better outside, on location. Long story short – I know the head coach and after briefly talking with him before practice, and meeting his star linebacker, we proceeded to make a few “quick & dirty” portraits with my one light portable strobe setup (at right). I even utilized a small spray bottle to simulate sweat on his brow, uniform and arms. A lens change to the longer zoom for the full length image (above) worked well I thought, after I’d shown him the tighter portraits (above at right). He was pleasant and very respectful, which made for a fun shoot for both of us. The whole shoot took about 10 – 15 minutes, just before another downpour during practice.  ~cg.

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