*(My) Army – Navy Football. 2007 – 2010

Today is the 114th. Army – Navy Game at Lincoln Financial Field down in Philadelphia. Although I won’t be covering this year’s annual game, I wanted to look back and share some of my favorite images from the four consecutive games I’d covered between 2007 – 2010. I’ve covered numerous NCAA Division I sports at West Point during the 7+ years while on staff at the Times Herald-Record, so I usually found it hard to root against the West Point cadets. But as a former U.S. Marine (Dept. of the Navy), I occasionally found myself cheering silently for the Midshipmen of Navy during these games. Working those Army – Navy games as hard as I did with multiple cameras (including installing a remote atop the pro stadiums) are one the highlights of my entire career. I will never forget all those great moments on and off the field, and all the people involved while working one of the greatest rivalries in American sports…  ~cg.

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