*More from the “You Don’t See This Everyday…” file. 7•June•12

While covering a routine story walking with the Fire Dept. personnel who were doing building inspections in my city this afternoon, our reporter and I stumbled upon numerous Newburgh Police officers responding to a traffic stop nearby, and subsequent arrest of a female EDP. (Emotionally Disturbed Person.) Yea, you just don’t see this kind of activity on the street everyday and it really makes for nice pictures when it sort of just falls in your lap. (Ironically and to my dismay, the image was never published…)  ~cg.

Newburgh Police officers escort an unidentified female EDP or emotionally disturbed person to a waiting ambulance on City Terrace, near Van Ness Street in the City of Newburgh, NY on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are continuing their patrols of the city along with Newburgh Police.  CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

So after a day or two of making the above image, I got to thinking about other similar images I’d made recently here in the neighborhood (below). It’s no joke out on the streets and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But when I’m on “something good”, especially working with an experienced reporter, it’s really sweet to just be allowed to do our part in witnessing and documenting what’s going on. Incidentally, the bottom two images were made the same day, on the same street within steps of each other. I am still puzzled why the above image wasn’t considered for publication though… ~cg.

A suspected gang member (center) is taken into custody from his home at 45 Bayview Terrace in the City of Newburgh, NY, on Thursday, February 10, 2011. Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, NY State Police, and Newburgh Police made arrests of suspected Latin King gang members in coordinated pre – dawn raids.  CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

A young man is taken into custody by Newburgh City Police officers at the intersection of First and Carpenter Avenues in Newburgh, NY on Friday, July 15, 2011. The suspect was wanted for a stabbing during an armed robbery earlier this morning.  CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

Newburgh City Police SWAT Team officers take a woman into custody during a drug raid at 260 First Avenue in Newburgh, NY on Friday, July 15, 2011. Five individuals were taken into custody including this woman and a 15 year-old juvenile.  CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

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