*More "Juice…" (Sports Photography) 1•July•2010

Poughkeepsie, NY. One of yesterday’s assignments called for coverage of a few local boxers training for a night of boxing next weekend. This was sort a media event in one of their training facilities, at a local college across the river. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a boxing ring in this converted dance studio, (complete with a mirrored wall), so I had to immediately make do with what props and the location at hand. These fighters do train in a nearby boxing club here in my hometown, and I’m hoping to do a secondary shoot with a few of the fighters, including the local name fighter Luis DelValle (left). DelValle is a former NY and national Golden Gloves champion, now 9 – 0 (7 KO’s as a pro), and I’d photographed him back in March during a full boxing card where he KO’d his opponent in the first minute of that fight. An amazingly fast featherweight, articulate, and just as important for me – he completely understood how to “look like a fighter”, even sparring hard (at right) for a few minutes to get sweaty for the portraits, and was very patient with me in making the few portraits I needed. (My portable one-strobe & umbrella set-up is below). It was good to speak to him on a personal level for a few moments to learn about his background, growing up in Puerto Rico, training schedule, and for him to realize that I was genuinely showing an interest in him as a young athlete. I remember he kept telling me during the few poses we tried, “You’re the boss…” To hear that from a young 23 year-old athlete, who’s fought all over the world and just as easily could’ve been a prima dona, made it all pretty easy for me, considering I was perspiring quite a bit too in the stuffy second floor training room. I am looking forward to spending more time with him and other fighters out of the Newburgh Boxing Club nearby, and drawing the assignment next weekend. The sportswriter and I are already banging ideas around about possibly gaining access to the dressing rooms before their fights. Now that’d certainly make a heckuva audio slideshow. Stay tuned. ~cg.

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