In Praise of "Long Glass…" 22•Oct.•11

I am working on a new post highlighting my use of long telephoto lenses (or what’s commonly labeled “super-telephotos” in the camera manufacturer’s jargon). For photographing sports and an occasional news assignment with “Joe-subject” at a distant podium, while we’re positioned on those annoying press risers – there’s no substitute for me, as my main camera for game coverage is usually something “long” – either a 300mm, 400mm, and occasionally a 600mm. This image from a high school game yesterday was made on a 600mm. (Actually a 300mm f/2.8 auto-focus with a 2x tele-extender attached, but who’s counting millimeter’s anyway…?) Losing the two f/stops and shooting at f/5.6 or higher isn’t a bad trade off for the gain in focal length to 600mm, especially under ideal conditions.
Stay tuned… ~cg.

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