*"Everything Old is New Again…" Mombasa, Kenya. April 2006

MOMBASA, KENYA. A man exercises on the beach at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya on Wednesday morning, April 12, 2006. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

A few days ago I added one of the most important software applications to my arsenal that I’ve ever experienced; Adobe LightRoom 3. Then while re-examining some of my archived imagery from previous international trips, these two photographs as a RAW file (top) at sunrise, and a simple .jpg file (bottom) knocked my socks off all over again. LightRoom made the slight color correction, crop and re-sizing a breeze, and I was able to prepare them for submission to my editorial stock agency in a minute or two, and that’s being generous while taking my time. Simply unheard of in other apps like PhotoShop and / or Nikon View NX, where I’d have to first do the edit, and then convert the RAW files to sizeable .jpgs. In fact, as soon as I became familiar with the initial image editing possibilities in LR3, I’ve already removed Nikon View from my MacBook Pro’s dock. Photoshop may not be far behind… ~cg.

MOMBASA, KENYA. Spoken word artist and radio presenter Imani Woomera photographed at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya on Monday, April 10, 2006. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

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