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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN. An Afghan man with an automatic weapon guards the waiting area of the Charasyab health clinic approximately 20 kilometers outside of Kabul, Afghanistan on Sunday, May 26, 2002. A humanitarian mission organized by The Geshundheit Instititute, founded by Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, Lufthansa Cargo, and DHL Worldwide Express collaborated to ship medicines, food and orthopedic supplies to the Indira Ghandi Children’s Hospital, clinics and orphanages in Kabul. The German NGO (Non Governmental Organization) Hammer Forum supervised the distribution of the donated supplies from various non-profit organizations in the U.S. and The Netherlands. (26 May 2002. Photograph © Chet Gordon / The Image Works)

*I’d been thinking about this image a lot lately and others from my work in AFG back in 2002. Particularly in light of world events in that part of the world today, both militarily & in the civilian sector. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Baharain. Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE (United Arab Emrites). It’s been eight years already, and I remember that initial call on my cell phone from a contact in Washington, like it was just last week; asking if I’d be interested in accompanying an airlift of humanitarian aide from Frankfort to Baharain and connecting through to Kabul… ~cg.

REWIND – Images from the Archive.
A showcase for some of my favorite images here on the blog that aren’t particularly in the working portfolio. Look for this occasional feature where I’ll highlight a single image that’s meant a lot throughout my career. Enjoy. -cg.

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