"What a Week for Pictures…!" Feb. 22 – 26, 2011.

I haven’t uttered these words for quite a while it seems, but while closely examining last week’s work, it truly was “A Week for (Good) Pictures…” A couple of extra-early wakeup calls – I’m talking the 4:30AM kind on Thursday to get moving on the coverage for the slain Poughkeepsie police officer’s funeral across the river. (Needed to be in the neighborhood of the church by 6:30AM as the authorities were closing all the access roads into the village, about an hour from me), and the following day up again early to head to Albany for the first rounds of the NY State Wrestling Championships at the Times – Union Arena. That morning’s drive turned out to be nearly 4 hours in what usually is less than two hours, due to heavy and wet snow falling right through the morning rush hour. Saturday proved to be fun too, as I got the assignment to photograph our Div. III women’s college basketball team (left) here in town, as they handily won their conference championship. It was fun to work with multiple cameras during the week fr both sports & news assignments, with my usual wide range of lenses, as well as installing multiple camera strobes (right) for the HS & college basketball games. This week marks the beginning of the sectional playoffs for HS basketball with the majority of the games played up at SUNY New Paltz (A college gym I’m very familiar with for installing arena strobes and even a remote camera or two throughout the tournament hosted up there.) Now onto HS playoff basketball tournaments beginning this week, and hopefully continuing through the third week of March – should any of our local teams advance through the state tournament and into the finals up in Glens Falls, NY. ~cg.

Here’s a look back at the week that was, February 22 – 26, 2011:

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