"We have a double – homicide…" Newburgh, NY 5•Nov.•10

Newburgh Police Crime Scene Detectives and funeral home personnel remove the first of two bodies from 12 Liberty Street in the Heights neighborhood of the City of Newburgh, NY on Friday, November 5, 2010. Two men were the victims of a double homicide last night. CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

The phone call came this morning at dawn (around 7:15AM) from my trusted colleague, the reporter who covers Newburgh here with me. Both the good and the bad. “Two homicides last night” he told me a few times as I tried to figure out what time it was on the work cellular. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes…” I replied, as if rehearsed between the two of us. “Do I have time to make a cup of coffee?” I remember asking him before we hung up. Working at the scene in a misty, raw and damp morning, I managed to move 4 early images to the office of the cops & crime scene guys, and returned to make the coroner’s office people removing the two bodies, some 6 hours after I’d initially arrived on the scene and began making images at 8:15AM. Moved 4 more images of the coroner’s people and CSU guys on the scene, in particular these types of images (above). So it’s already been a full workday schedule. I guess it’s sort of a good thing that I’d returned to the scene to make the later images…
Time to get ready for the original work day tonight; a big HS Football sectional championship game up in Kingston under those dreadful lights. Let’s hope the rain holds off at least until halftime / third quarter. Will surely be pushing deadline on this game, as there’s no internet in this almost archaic stadium… ~cg.

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