"They’re just ‘Hammers & Nails’, man…" (Part 2) 24•Jan.•12

Packing up the hardware for a junior college basketball game between two local rivals tonight:

Here’s a few favorites from the night, which included working with four cameras (one as a remote installed in the bleachers & aimed down toward a basket), two Dyna-Lite Uni-Jr. strobes clamped high in the stands in either corner of the gym, and just as importantly – gaining permission to edit and transmit my first 5 images on deadline from a coaches office after the game. That alone saved a lot of time and stress before packing everything up and loading the car to head back to the office, only a few blocks away. (Ironically, this is the same college gym where I’d installed the backboard remote and made the image that appeared in Popular Photography Magazine and subsequently their how-to book, “TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT: Essential Tips & Tricks For Shooting Amazing Photos” I’d written about a few days ago as well… ~cg.

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