*"The Weekend Was Literally a Blur…" April 10 – 11, 2009.

All I can remember about the past few days was that I had to do a lot of driving. HS baseball. Division I level College Football. More HS baseball. Walked with the Stations of the Cross here in my hometown on Friday morning for the third Good Friday in a row, which proved for good images again. Hop back in the car – hustle back to the office some 30 miles West of here. Edit and upload images to the paper’s server. Back in the car to head to West Point for the annual ARMY Black / Gold scrimmage game at 4:30PM.
Back in Michie Stadium was kind of fun, but by the time I got going and making good images, it was almost ‘halftime’ of this scrimmage. It was good to work hard with the long glass to make a few file images of ARMY’s new head coach, Rich Ellerson on the sidelines, and to see their two quarterbacks go at it again.
But C’mon, this is April. Football…?
Saturday wasn’t any nicer on the legs, hands, and the rest of the body. A Spring storm brought a cold, blowing rain through the area. I secretly had my fingers crossed that a HS baseball tournament would be cancelled but the photo-gods would have non of that.
There I was trying to hide on the first base side of the dugout to shoot in a driving rain. Changing lenses was a challenge, and sitting on the wet grass was out. Ironically, our sportswriter and I talked on Thursday I think it was about making “cold weather” images at any upcoming games for a piece he’s doing next week.
This proved to be the perfect day for these kinds of images. Just as I was about to leave the first of three games that afternoon, the weather began to clear up.

Well, I wasn’t having any of it, as I was on my way back to the office. That’s right, you guessed it – another 30+ mile drive. *Oh yea, “Welcome to the 50th. year on the planet…” -cg.

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