The 2011 POY – Pictures of the Year. *(full version).

“The 50…” OK, so another year in the business is in the books. Fondly looking back at 2011, it wasn’t such a bad year for making images, both for work and on my own self-generated & self-financed assignments. *(see: working vacations…) Bermuda. Kenya. My fifth Army graduation where the low-angle remote camera finally delivered the image I’d been chasing in my head for five years and three previous attempts, way too many games and / or general news events with multiple cameras & a super telephoto on a stick, as well as hauling around more full strobe sets to light HS & college gyms and medium sized arenas than I care to remember, installing a remote camera in the ceiling of an arena in White Plains in less than 15 minutes for a HS playoff basketball game, numerous video clips with the Canon 5D-MKII (which you won’t see here yet, unfortunately), a few decent feature images and portraits. And the news; major snowstorm and Hurricane Irene followup coverage, the new governor doing his thing at Marist College, an FBI led pre-dawn raid (with temperatures in single digits) of suspected gang-bangers wanted for unsolved murders, a 23-year old shooter and his partner sentenced to life in prison w/o parole and the funeral for a Poughkeepsie police officer who was gunned down on the job. Here’s how the best of my take on 2011 kind of shakes out. Again thanks for looking. “See you in the paper…” ~cg.

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