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REWIND– Images from the Archive. During the world changing events in the Middle East and North Africa the last few weeks, I’ve fondly recalled some of my past work in the region. Here are but a few favorites from Amman and Petra, Jordan in the Spring of 2006.~cg. Iraqi women comfort each other as their […]

Jordan. (re-edit) April • 2006

Spent some time over the weekend doing a deep re-edit of my images made in Petra (4) and Amman, Jordan (bottom 4) back in 2006 while there for a medical client. (I was briefly living in Mombasa, Kenya at the time.) It sure was sweet to examine these images again, especially since most were shot […]

*My photo in NEED Magazine blog. June 2009

*It means the world to me that one of my photographs appears in NEED Magazine’s grass roots campaign “Screw the Man – Save the World” where they’re using powerful imagery to help encourage readership & subscriptions, thereby helping to eliminate corporate (“the Man”) advertising altogether. This image was made in April 2006 while on a […]