*"Reds, Yellows, & Greens…" Sept. 2008.

The Work Week – Sept. 2-6, 2008. (or noticing a few unintentional themes once again in my work…) So I’m sitting in my kitchen appreciating the cooler morning breezes, and thinking of how to add a newer post recapping the work week just passed. Started examining the week’s images, and immediately was struck by an underlying theme, if you will, of how some pretty obvious color themes, saturation of those colors, combined with some very nice light, if I do say so myself, sort of hit me over the head while viewing the files for the re-edit. A second cup of Java helped me to grasp what I thought was a pretty cool aspect of the week. You’ll notice the reds, yellows & greens in all these fav images here from the week. The reoccuring American flag imagery was executed completely on auto-pilot as I was sloshing around in the rain, covering yet another local firemen’s parade yesterday. Fortunately, this parade was close to the paper’s main office and the remnants of Hurricane Gustav didn’t ruin the gear – or me for that matter. Managed to clamp up two portable strobes during the week too, for a feature on a HS freshman swimmer in their new refurbished pool. Still waiting to get the call for either a HS football game or of course an Army football at home. *On a side note: The images of the subject with the “pooper-scooper” device in his backyard at 9AM just really broke me up. This assignment was after a 7:30AM back to school gig at a Catholic Elementary School, not far from home. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at the set-up, the business plan, etc. that this guy had devised. Actually wasn’t laughing at him – more at me being assigned to photograph it all. Now I’d seen everything I reminded myself. He’ll probably turn it all into a profitable business – started by, you guessed it, picking up ‘doggie-doo…’
Here’s a slideshow from the week:

*(Use the arrows at the bottom of the player or click the image to scroll forward through the slideshow. Enable full screen viewing by clicking the 4-way arrow icon above the credits button at lower right of the player. )

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