"Rain…" West Point, NY 23•Oct.•09

Army players traditionally touch the plaque bearing a quote from Gen. George Marshall as they take the field before their game against Rutgers University in Michie Stadium at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY on Friday, October 23, 2009. The plaque reads, “I Want An Officer For A Secret And Dangerous Mission. I Want A West Point Football Player.” Rutgers defeated Army 27 – 10. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON

Rain. Shit. I knew it was going to be ugly. At least it wasn’t cold – yet. Fighting the elements is a drag, particularly at this level when you have to make pictures no matter the conditions. There’s just no getting around it. Add to it all that I had to leave the field twice and hustle up to the press box to edit and transmit photos back to the office for early deadlines. No easy task even during a day game. Fortunately too there wasn’t a full house in the stands. So you’re wet, your gear is mostly wet, and you’re faced with the added burden’s of having the equivalent of about a full quarter’s worth of shooting time on the field. Translation: A lot of missed pictures as I could literally “see” them from my workspace high above the 50-yard while the game was still being played. Oh yea, did I mention leaving the press box for the third time to shoot the post game press conference too. It’s still Army football, so I was faced with the usual challenges in trying to come up with game-telling images within the extremely limited time frames I had on the field. It’s almost still a blur as I continue this post on Sunday morning…

*Click here to view a slideshow of my rainy night game coverage on my paper’s site for now. Once again, thanks for looking. -cg.

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