*Pulling an all-nighter w/ City Cops… July 2009

*Overnight Tour w/ Newburgh, NY PD & NY State Police.
Friday July 10, 2009. 11:09PM

I spent part of an overnight shift last night with our beat reporter Doyle Murphy in the back of a cramped police SUV, touring the various neighborhoods here in my city, Newburgh, NY. Doyle and I have collaborated lately on a few of the big stories here in Newburgh, including the FBI bust of the terrorist bombers in May. Working a story like this brought back a ton of memories (no, I’m not a regular in the back of police cruisers…) but it did allow me to reminisce about a similar ride along I did with the PD in Seaside Heights, NJ about 16 years ago while working as a freelancer for the NY Times: (I’ll have to pull a couple of those street images shot on film and build a comparison slideshow here) Requesting that the paper publishes the images in B/W. Have only had about 2 – 3 hours of sleep, as today started off covering the ongoing search with search & rescue dog teams for Laura Garza, who’s been missing up here since last December.
Here’s my take as a slideshow from the night w/ the Newburgh Police and NY State Troopers.


*(Click the arrow at the bottom left of the player to start the slideshow, or click the image / or the arrows at lower left to scroll through the show manually. Enable full screen viewing by clicking the 4-way arrow icon above the credits button at lower right of the player.)

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