(Photographing) *The People We Know… June 2010.

HS Cellist @ THE WHEREHOUSE Restaurant. Newburgh, NY. 6•June•10

(Hardware / Software info): Nikon D-1X w/ 28mm – 70mm f/2.8AF. Nikon SB-800 into a shoot-thru umbrella at camera right at 1/4 power. Second small strobe at lower left w/ Stofen Dome on the floor at 1/16th. power. Triggered by Pocket-Wizard Multi-Max’s. ISO 400. 1/250th. sec. @f/5. Original files shot on RAW & converted to JPEGs in Nikon ViewNX & PhotoShop CS5.

“It’s always a pleasure to be asked to make a series of photographs like this one, particularly on location…” ~cg.

Untitled. Outside THE WHEREHOUSE in Newburgh, NY on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

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