*Personal Work (re-edit). Paraguay. March 2006.

“These Children of the Street…”

It’s never too late to go back and carefully re-examine your work and do a re-edit, if you will. Good images & good stories will stand the test of time. This brief multi-media story is a piece I’d shot on my own dime back in the Spring of 2006 in South America. I’d already spent a week or so for a non-profit client in Paraguay’s capitol, Asuncion, when a few young NGO workers told me about this shelter primarily for street children, essentially run by a doctor out of her own pocket. When I finally made contact and began spending time in and around the shelter, I knew it was a story I’d want to commit as much time as I could to. It operates out of a former auto repair garage, donated to the organization by the landlord. Long story short – I ended up staying in the country for another three or four days to work on the piece, and that alone meant changing my return flight itinerary, additional fees at a brand name hotel across town, meals, transport, etc. Fortunately, I’d made a few new friends in the NGO world and a few even served as reliable “fixers.” The digital recording voice over narrative with the doctor as she viewed most of my take on the Mac, was made just an hour or so before hustling off to the airport. It was just this past weekend that I’ve thought about shortening up the original slideshow, which meant moving images around again, and diligently editing out her pauses, “umms” and “errs” for the piece. Needless to say, some of the images of these children have haunted me since the trip… ~cg.

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