*Personal projects…

Now that the software for producing multimedia pieces for the web have become much easier and user friendly, I’m going to occasionally add some of my personal projects here on the blog. Who knows, I may just get around to doing a VO (voice-over) slideshow or two discussing my equipment & shooting style for various assignments, editing work flow, location lighting, or even where my fav places are to eat in the tri-state area.
In all seriousness, I put this piece together last summer with a woman I’d met on an earlier routine assignment here in the neighborhood. Listening to people describe their own everyday work & concerns is basically how I sort of “tune-in” and find a lot of my personal projects. This is one where we hit it on all cylinders right from the beginning. -cg.

*(Click the arrow at the bottom left of the player to start the slideshow. Enable full screen viewing by clicking the 4-way arrow icon above the credits button at lower right of the player. Remember to turn up your speakers, or plug in a set of headphones if you have them. )

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