Onè Respe: A Photographic Benefit for the Survivors of the Haiti Earthquake

When last week’s massive 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, rescue & humanitarian workers from around the world stepped up immediately – some arriving within 24 hours. Photographers from the world’s premiere picture agencies, newspapers & wire services raced to the island nation as well. The images coming out of the capital city Port-au-Prince and outlaying countryside are just heart wrenching. Everyday. Doesn’t matter who’s making the images- it all hurts. Those of you that know my career, know of my past trips to Haiti, and the stories I’ve told of the impoverished island nation. Fast-forward to the present. Fellow photographer Lane Hartwell in the Bay Area contacted me and asked would I donate a few of my images for a fund raising magazine for the American Red Cross that she was producing. Without hesitation I hustled to send her a few of my favorite images from Haiti that I’d made back in 1993. I only wish I had more of those wonderful old chromes scanned and ready to go as high res digital files. In fact, that personal trip was my first international shooting assignment. These are preview pages of my images made on that trip that are included in the magazine. (Click each page to see a larger view):

I do hope that you’ll visit the magazine publisher’s link HERE and purchase a copy. All proceeds from sales of the magazine will benefit the American Red Cross International Response Fund to help the work ahead in Haiti. Especially now with such grim images coming in we wanted to give a glimpse into the lives of the Haitian people and hope for what is possible. These photographs show the sense of family and community, the sheer happiness of the Haitian children in spite of the extreme poverty in their country. -cg.

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