“Have You Ever Worked in a War Zone or Area of Conflict…?”

Been thinking about some of my past career experiences working in the midst of a sometimes hostile environment. Hard to believe it’s been 13+ years since I made four trips to the Balkans (twice to both Albania and Kosovo) and 10 years since I was in Afghanistan; with brief stays in Bahrain and Pakistan as part of that trip… ~cg.

A horse drawn cart passes near the burned out shell of an overturned automobile in the northern city of Pec, Kosovo in July 1999. © www.chetgordon.com

Human remains found behind a house. Mitrovica, Kosovo. July 1999.  © www.chetgordon.com

(2) – Street scenes in Kabul, Afghanistan. May 2002.  © www.chetgordon.com

Health clinic security guard. Kabul, Afghanistan. May 2002.  © www.chetgordon.com

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