"Covering a Murder Trial, HS Sports, & other related stuff…"

BMX racers. High School volleyball & football. And a few other assignments I’ve already forgotten. The past week (almost) panned out as another typical week on the job. Well, not so typical, as I spent three days covering the end of an emotionally charged murder trial, and witnessed the defendant found guilty on all 23 counts of a killing from May 2004. Cameras haven’t been allowed in courtrooms in the State of NY for quite some time now, and I believe it’s now up to the judge’s discretion for each case, so the paper was pumped that we were allowed visual coverage during the attorney’s final summations on Wednesday, the jury verdict on Thursday, and then a final sit-down interview with the son of the victim, who also was shot during the crime. Those long hours spent in the county courthouse with other media, as well as our top-notch crime reporter, Oliver Mackson, cautiously made my part relatively easy. I mean if you can call hanging out in the courthouse corridors for something like 6 hours waiting for a jury verdict easy… It all brought back a lot of memories of covering big trials in the city, and throughout my career. Oh yea, there were a few high school sports assignments thrown-in during the week, and the installation of a new college president at Mt. Saint Mary College, where the access was really good. Here’s a slideshow of the week’s take:

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