BDA. "Like Nowhere else on the Planet…" June 2009.

Finally getting around to posting a brief slideshow of my week in Bermuda (BDA) last week. It is the only destination I know of so close to home where I can still get lost visually, and almost spiritually if you will. It’s always a well-deserved treat to return to the island. It is just so relaxing to re-explore some of the most beautiful beaches I know of anywhere, zip around the island on a scooter, watch a little cricket, of course have my fill of “Dark & Stormies™…”

Cheers, -cg.

*(Click the arrow at the bottom left of the player to start the slideshow, or click the image / or the arrows at lower right to scroll through the show manually. Enable full screen viewing by clicking the 4-way arrow icon above the credits button at lower right of the player. There is no audio with this brief slideshow.)

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