“Back at West Point..” 18•Feb•15

Had a wonderful assignment last week for the NY Daily News to work again at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. (So many fond memories for me covering events the last ten years or so there on post). The upcoming story is a feature piece on their top player and leading scorer Kelsey Minato (left). She was the Patriot League Player of the Year last season and is one of the top scorers in women’s college basketball this year. Working a game like this also meant I’d have the opportunity to work with three camera bodies, utilize a full set of arena strobes and mount one of the cameras as a remote on the backboard stanchion (right) in an arena I’d grown to be very familiar with through the years. The whole game I was secretly hoping to make a nice image of Minato driving down the middle of the lane for an airborne layup that I’d have on the remote camera & strobed, but it just didn’t happen with her. What made the game especially fun was that I could concentrate on mainly getting images of her in various game situations, as well as on the bench, during warmups, and of course in the post game press conference. Here’s a slideshow from the night’s game coverage, including a few fun images of the gear required to cover a game in a Division I arena. Many, many thanks to my colleagues Ed Diller for loaning me a lot of his gear, including a set of four arena strobes, and Chuck Stewart for always being an extra set of invaluable hands and eyes for me while he was shooting the game too… ~cg.

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