*Another look at last week’s work… 02•09•09

Things kind of worked out pretty good last week, with two big sports assignments, the candlelight vigil for Laura Garza, championship swimming on Saturday, and I wanted to drop in a few images from a job fair for techies up at SUNY New Paltz. It was good to light up the high school gym again for the big game on Wednesday night, working at times on my hands and knees in front of the family of the missing woman during their neighborhood street vigil, and then again to light up the pool venue for the championship swim meet on Saturday. I’ve included a few of the file type images from the game & swimming, as those are the types of images I know can be used again throughout the season when the sports guys are writing on these particular players and coaches. (I also remember thinking to myself how intense it all was while on my knees – ducking under the ‘Tee-Vee’ cameras for a few moments in front of the family clutching their candles. It’s exactly the same image I’ve made through the years at press conferences, so at some point I’m going to create a post here about intentionally dropping to my knees to make those similar looks. Had to change a flat tire after the bball game at 11:30PM on Wednesday, so that made for a pretty long night, with hanging & disassembling lights, making deadline at the paper, and returning back to the school to change the tire in 7ºF temperatures…) Here’s a look at the week’s work: -cg.

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