"2009 POTY…" (Player of the Year)

Got the assignment earlier this week to photograph our newspaper’s HS Player of the Year again. Cory Quimby (left) is a repeat winner of the award – and he had the numbers to prove it. I think he averaged something like 27 points / 17 rebounds per night. No way would his Minisink Valley HS team made it to the sectional playoffs without him. He’s a good kid, a hard working big man under the boards, and really “brings it” every night. Here he is photographed at the playground he starting playing at as a youngster. I’ve included a few of my other POY portraits from the paper the past two years, including Quimby’s images from last year:

It was good to bring out a set of lights on location again and light him up on the court, as I intentionally underexposed to make the sky a little deeper blue (we got lucky with a beautiful early April day) and add the strobe. Camera: Canon 5D MarkII. ISO 100. 1/200th. sec. @ f/16. Set-up time about 15 – minutes. (Ideally this portrait would’ve worked better at 7PM or so instead of 5PM, as I was hoping to have the court in shadow or silhouette, but of course availability of the subject and our scheduling doesn’t always allow those finer details & requests.) Actual shooting time: 5 minutes.
Onto covering the outdoor Spring sports seasons now like lacrosse, baseball, and track… -cg.

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