*”(Going) Old School…” Upcoming Exhibition & Master Class in Middletown, NY.

“A Photographer’s Life.”  On Monday evening, February 17th., on the campus of SUNY ORANGE in Middletown, NY, I will give a presentation spanning the last 20+ years of my career, as well as a formal exhibition of the work. I’ve been thinking the last few days about how to organize and edit down this slideshow of my personal images, as well as those made for clients and employers. Rather than simply categorizing images again in an appropriate order for the slideshow like “News, Sports, Features…”,  I look to present images that say something about how my career has progressed. It’s very rewarding professionally and even humbling to be asked again to organize such an event. Almost as if you wake up one day, have your coffee, and suddenly you’re one of the senior guys on the street with some pretty serious career highlights and experiences to draw upon and share…  ~cg.

*An old colleague in the business offered this support: “There is always (going to be) a huge appetite for real journalism. It takes a lot of courage to do photography – let alone photojournalism in this day. Yes, but it’s still very important, you can craft new ways…”

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