"Working the Fourth…" 4•July•2010

Worked the holiday yesterday. Two parades in two different counties, which meant a lot of driving. 100+ miles. (top & below) Temperatures in the 90º’s. Hustled through the initial edits of those assignments when I got back home, as I wanted to try and make it down to the river to photograph the fireworks display here in my town (left and here). I couldn’t remember the last time I’d humped a tripod out on location, especially at night. Oh yea, and one of the old Nikon D-1X’s, and a small Domke bag with a full assortment of short lenses – everything from the 10.5mm fisheye to the 28mm – 70mm zoom, which was used to make most of the fireworks’ images. Those cameras are still getting it done, particularly when shooting on RAW.

Here’s a few more favorites from the workday. ~cg.

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