*(More) Friday Night Lights… 16•Oct.•09

Worked the big game Friday night between two undefeated teams, Monroe-Woodbury and Warwick High Schools. Monroe (MW) has won something like 47 straight games against sectional opponents, and they’re the team I’ve followed through the playoffs and ultimately to the Syracuse University Dome for state finals championship games the past two years. They’re ranked again as the top Class AA team in the state and the way they’ve been playing, it’s looks like they’ll be up in Syracuse again late next month. It was good to work the whole game from my knees, making precisely the type of game images I was after with long glass – the 300mm f/2.8AF, especially on touchdown runs (top & below) & big plays, (like the QB sack at upper right). What also made this is good night was informally meeting with the MWHS administrators, and a few parents, including the father of their star QB, Dan Scalo. (top image) It’s kind of another reason why I still like to arrive at the ballpark early (when scheduling allows) as I needed to insure that the school’s wi-fi network was up and running. So I was at the school before 5PM for the 7PM kickoff time. This early preparation allowed me to sit in the school’s gym, fire up the Mac PowerBook, and send test emails before the game. This eliminated the headache of having to leave the game – possibly in the thrird quarter – to make the nearly 30 minute drive home to edit & transmit my game photos on deadline. I also informed the sportswriter about this, so we both were able to sit in the school’s empty hallways and files our story & photos on deadline. Fortunately the weather cooperated too. No rain. Big plus to game coverage on that one.
It was good to be able to work the whole game – I remember purposely looking for any “Jubo” or “Jubee” (Jubilation) by Monroe-Woodbury players. There weren’t any celebrations at all and I’d pushed myself right up against the 10PM deadline to start getting my pictures sent in to the office. I guess the kids from MW will save all that for the sectional & state playoffs and hopefully another trip back to the Dome. They’re a class act, that’s for sure. -cg.

Click here to view a slideshow & text of my coverage of their state championship game in Syracuse last year.

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