"Hoops du Jour." 01•08•09

It’s good to be back inside shooting sports again, particularly an early season big game here close to home. Managed to arrive early in a familiar gym, put a few studio strobes on stands in the corners at one end of the court and added a small Canon 550-EX strobe clamped up in the stands near half-court to give a little more light in the back court, as a lot of good images like rebounds, dunks, and just plain good “filers” of the starting guards bringing the ball upcourt are always good to make with the 300mm at the other end of the court. A game like this between two sectional rivals will usually offer good images, but I also wanted to be able to make a few file images of some of the starters, coaches, etc. for stories later in the season. Although this was sort of a difficult gym to shoot in, as I was blocked by the referees on a quite a few plays near the basket, and distracted by fans walking too close to the photographers working the baseline, it’s the kind of game I secretly needed to be assigned to. This game quickly got me back in the mindset to prepare for more games where I can “light up” additional HS / college venues not only for basketball, but also wrestling, and swimming. Of course I am looking to begin running a remote third camera body, occasionally on strobes as well. Stay tuned. -cg.

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